Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership program is a one-year program with a dual focus on leadership and mentoring connecting exceptional Rivier University students to global issues, global leaders, and professional opportunities around the world. The program includes meetings with Rivier leaders, reading and discussion of globally focused literature, and dialogues with a wide range of visiting scholars, guest speakers, and people from around the world.

Program Benefits
• Global events, experiences and activities.
• Special global living-learning community housing considerations
    (availability and restrictions may apply).
• Engaging readings focused on global topics.
• Telecons, discussions and dinners with global leaders.
• Mentoring focused on developing the individual on a world stage.
• Career development workshops and assessments related to preparing
    for global leadership opportunities.
• Global travel opportunities.

Global Leadership Mentoring Goals
The Division of Student Affairs, in conjunction with the Office of Global Engagement, support the learning outcomes of the program with mentoring. Using the Counsel for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) categories of student learning and development, program participants will experience a program that supports CAS’s six broad categories called domains: 
• Knowledge acquisition, Construction, Integration and Application
• Cognitive Complexity,
• Intrapersonal Development
• Interpersonal competence,
• Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement, and
• Practical competence.

Program Participation
Students are invited to participate in the program based on the recommendation of their admissions counselor. Students who show examples of leadership, community service, academic achievement and growth are selected for invitation into the program. After learning about the program, students enroll in the program with the Office of Global Engagement. 

For more information, contact Dr. Mark Meehan, Associate Vice President of Global Engagement, at or (603) 897-8782. 




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