Dr. Teresa D. Magnus


  • geometry and nonassociative algebra
  • mathematics of elections
  • mathematics in art
  • issues and methods in undergraduate mathematics teaching
  • mathematical preparation of future teachers


Dr. Magnus has been a college teacher of mathematics since 1992, teaching courses in abstract and linear algebra, discrete mathematics, problem-solving and modeling, geometry, calculus and precalculus, liberal arts, and developmental mathematics. She is an advisor of undergraduate research projects in algebraic coding theory, hyperbolic geometry, population modeling, and transformation groups.

She contributed to Writing in the Discipline programs at two colleges, developing and conducting courses that satisfied college and departmental writing requirements. She has presented at national mathematics meetings on the effective use of technology in undergraduate mathematics teaching, the discovery method of teaching mathematics, ways to develop proof-writing and general writing skills in students, and designing mathematics courses for liberal arts majors.

Dr. Magnus has also coordinated and presented at mathematics workshops for middle school or high school girls.

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