Landry Early Childhood Center



Our child-friendly classrooms are arranged with distinct interest areas around the room. These areas allow the children to make clear choices as they proceed through the day. Children choose from a wide variety of toys, books, and other materials that teachers change frequently to keep children stimulated. Everything in the classroom has a specific storage "home" so that children can find things and help with clean-up. Each classroom has an atmosphere of security, independence, and pleasure.

The daily schedule of every classroom has certain guidelines and predictability, helping the children feel secure and independent. Teachers plan a variety of small group, large group, and teacher-directed activities.

An important component of a schedule is flexibility. Children's inquiries and interests and "teachable moments" shape each day.

Special features at the LECC include… 

  • Eight spacious classrooms designed by a specialist in the field of early childhood education.
  • Observation rooms that allow parents, students and professionals to observe, by sight and sound, each of our classrooms unobtrusively.
  • The teacher-designed George Reynik Memorial Playground, which provides toddlers and preschoolers equipment for enhancing the development of motor skills.
  • The Enchanted Forest, which functions as an outdoor classroom, exposes the children with opportunities to explore the environment and experience nature. This space includes climbing walls and logs; bird houses and feeders; musical boards; and vegetable and butterfly gardens.
  • Children play, experience learning opportunities and enjoy family events in our large multipurpose room.
  • Access to Rivier University grounds and departments: sports fields, gymnasium, Quad, library, resource center, cafeteria,  book store, and more.
  • A large function room for classroom or center events. UV and computer equipment is available to enhance the children’s learning experiences. Teachers utilize this equipment for lessons that may include such things as Google Earth.
  • A full-time registered nurse provides on-site health assessment and care for children. Our nurse consults with families and develops supports for children by implementing health and safety programs.

Location: Clement Street
(603) 897-8240
Director: Nancy Pynchon