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Ainslie, MarcyDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8475
Allen, SamanthaHousekeepingHousekeeper 8269
Anctil, KevinInformation TechnologyComputer Systems Administrator 8669
Andersen, LynnDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAssistant Professor 8473
Anechiarico, MeganReligious StudiesInstructor 8253
Arnold, AnneBusiness OfficeStudent Financial Services Representative I 8675
Arsenault, Sr. LorraineLibraryArchivist 8278
Auger, Janet Landry Early Childhood CenterMentor Teacher 8240
Bagley, BobbieDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8654
Barbaro, Susan BiologyAssociate Professor 8261
Barriga, DeyGlobal EngagementSenior Associate 8781
Barry, Georgette Information TechnologyBusiness Applications Manager 8233
Basbas, AmyWriting and Resource CenterWriting Center Consultant 8581
Baxter, Denise Division of Nursing and Health ProfessionsProfessor 8480
Bayuk, NathanielStudent AffairsResident Director 8910
Bean, Elaine LibraryTechnical Services Librarian 8672
Bedard, ChristopherMaintenanceMaintenance Technician 8206
Bedard, David Information TechnologyTelecommunications/Multimedia Services Manager 8234
Belanger, ShawnHousekeepingHousekeeper, 3rd Shift 8269
Bergeron, HollyDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8642
Bernatchez, pm, Sr. MoniqueBusiness OfficeAccounts Payable Ast./Perkins Loan Officer(Florence Hall) 8205
Bickom, PaulaLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Biedrzycki, TamraLandry Early Childhood CenterLead Teacher 8240
Blackburn, EricStudent AffairsCoordinator for Student Activities and Orientation 8254
Blagdon, LaurieWriting and Resource CenterWriting Center Consultant 8581
Bollinger, MaryUniversity AdvancementDirector of Alumni Relations & Special Events 8521
Booth, SallyPsychologyDirector, Social Work Program 8527
Boutin, AnnaLibraryCirculation Assistant 8256
Boyle, NicoleFinancial AidFinancial Aid Advisor 8520
Brazas, KaraLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Breslin, JessicaLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Brodeur, ValerieWriting and Resource CenterWriting Consultant 8581
Brown, JoeMaintenanceGrounds 8265
Brunner-Cummings, SamanthaHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Bryan, JessicaBusiness OfficeBursar 8220
Buley, IHM, Sister Paula Marie Office of the PresidentPresident 8202
Burgess, David ChemistryDepartment Coordinator 8264
Burie, KarenInformation TechnologyCAMS Manager 8620
Cabot, AmandaLibraryAquisitions Librarian 8535
Callahan, Sr. ArleneInformation TechnologyTraining Manager 8660
Casey, JamesPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Chartier, ShanaLibraryERC Reference Librarian 8463
Chiang, PingHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Cho, ChristieLibraryCirculation Assistant 8256
Christopher, Hillary Admissions - Undergraduate DayAdmissions Counselor 8597
Chute, AltheaFacilities ManagementFacility Resources Manager 8273
Chuyan, OlgaMath & Computer ScienceAssistant Professor 8540
Cieplucha, MattPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Clancy, KelleyAdmissions - Undergraduate DayData Entry Specialist 8501
Clark, Marlyn Division of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8645
Cloutier, Donald MaintenanceSupervisor, Chemical Hygiene Officer 8265
Cole, CaseyStudent AffairsResident director 8445
Coleman, PatriciaMail ServicesMail Services Clerk 8524
Comstock, RachaelBusiness OfficeAssistant Controller 8481
Connell, DianeDivision of EducationProfessor 8591
Connolly, DonnaLandry Early Childhood CenterProgram Nurse 8594
Connor, Mary ElizabethStudent Life & Housing ServicesCo-Director, Health Services 8298
Cooper, KarenUniversity AdvancementVice President for University Advancement 8508
Corkery, BronwynLandry Early Childhood CenterOperations Manager 8240
Correa, EdwardPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Couture, Sr. MarieArtCurator, Slide Library 8275
Couture, Sr. TheresaArt Director of the Art Gallery 8275
Cuchetti, CatherineDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8660
Cunningham, Paul PsychologyProfessor 8272
Dagdigian, VioletWriting and Resource CenterWriting Center Consultant 8581
Dahl, KerrieAcademic AdvisingTransfer Articulation Specialist and Academic Advisor 8223
Davis, JanelleLandry Early Childhood CenterLead Teacher 8240
DeLanoy, James AthleticsHead Coach: Men's Lacrosse and Men's/Women's Cross Country 8761
Della Fera, Michaeline Business OfficeSwitchboard Operator 8200
Demers, Br. PaulReligious StudiesAssociate Professor 8537
Demers, S.C.,D. Min, Br. PaulChaplainChaplain 8537
Despres, RitaRegistrar's OfficeAssistant Registrar 8633
Dion, DanielReligious StudiesInstructor 8517
Dodge, Deborah Division of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAssistant Professor 8470
Doherty, Timothy EnglishDept Coordinator & Director, Center for Faculty Excellence 8483
Dreyer, TimothyAdmissions - GraduateDirector of Graduate & Professional Studies Admissions 8229
Droutman, DianeDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8531
Dunn, John HousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Egan, ShawnaLibraryAssistant Director 8536
Enright, LisaAcademic AdvisingDirector of Academic Advising, RN-BS Online Advisor 8230
Eyre, AnnaWriting and Resource CenterWriting Consultant 8581
Faiia, Marjorie Undergraduate StudiesDirector of Women's Studies Program 8538
Farina, SusanDivision of BusinessAdministrative Assistant 8237
Foster, AaronHousekeepingHousekeeper, 3rd Shift 8269
Foster, ChristopherHousekeepingHousekeeper 8269
Frenn, Dr. KarenDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAssistant Professor 8474
Gabriel, SaraLibraryElectronic Information Librarian 8683
Gallagher, NancyDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8651
Garrity, PatriciaMarketing & CommunicationsDirector of Marketing and Communications 8514
Gately, KevinRegistrar's OfficeRegistrar 8232
Gentes, EricHistory, Political Science & Criminal JusticeAssistant Professor 8266
Gentes, EricCriminal JusticeDirector 8266
Gentes, EricUndergraduate StudiesPre-Law Advisor 8266
Giacalone, ChristineModern LanguagesAssistant Professor 8489
Gleason, JohnDivision of EducationDean, Professor of Education, Director of Doctoral Programs 8592
Graesser, PamelaCounseling CenterDirector 8251
Graham, ElizabethLibrarySunday Reference Librarian 8256
Grigg, Pamela Landry Early Childhood CenterAssociateTeacher 8240
Guevin, PeterLibraryCirculation Assistant 8256
Guida, Maria Modern LanguagesDepartment Coordinator 8460
Guillemette, DonnyUndergraduate StudiesService Learning Coordinator 8658
Guisao, NataliaStudent AffairsResident Director 8248
Hagan, PatriciaDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8461
Haines, SandraAdmissions - Undergraduate DayData Entry Specialist 8506
Hardy, Tracy Student Life & Housing ServicesCo-Director, Health Services 8298
Hardy, TracyDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8641
Harwood, ElizabethPsychologyDepartment Coordinator 8596
Hausner, AlejandroMath & Computer ScienceAssociate Professor 8425
Healey, JerryPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Hirsh-Dickinson, SallyEnglishAssistant Professor 8586
Hodges, MichelineHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Hodges, TimothyFacilities ManagementGroundskeeper 8265
Howard, Ph.D., DouglasAcademic AffairsVice President 8241
Howard, ShawnaLandry Early Childhood CenterLead Teacher 8240
Hsu, HuiHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Hussey, JaneCareer DevelopmentCoordinator 8245
Ingerson, KellyFinancial AidFinancial Aid Analyst 8534
Ingerson, Taylor MaintenanceMaintenance Technician 8265
Janes, MelissaLandry Early Childhood CenterMentor Teacher 8240
Johnson, AlyssaHuman ResourcesEmployment Coordinator 8717
Johnson, ChristineLandry Early Childhood CenterLead Teacher 8240
Joyal, Sr. JoanRegistrar's OfficeAssociate Registrar and VA School Certifying Official 8224
Joyce, LeeAdmissions - Undergraduate DayAdmissions Counselor 8502
Kaloudis, GeorgeHistory, Political Science & Criminal JusticeDirector, History and Government Program 8574
Keefe, FrancesAcademic AffairsInstructional Designer 8741
Kelly, KirkMaintenanceMaintenance Technician 8265
Kelly, StevenHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Khera, Gagan 'Mia'Division of EducationAssociate Professor 8562
Killoran, AprilOffice of Student SuccessAdministrative Assistant 8297
King, JulieCareer DevelopmentAssistant 8246
Kivenzor, GregoryDivision of BusinessAssociate Professor 8239
Klump, HollyLibraryInterlibrary Loan Coordinator 8255
Koch, StephenMaintenanceMaintenance Technician 8265
Kolek, CraigAthleticsAssociate Director, Head Coach Men's & Women's Volleyball 8467
Labrecque, GailDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8471
Lacey, MadeleineDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAdvisor & Assistant to the Chair 8530
Landry, Ann-MarieGlobal EngagementAdministrative Assistant 8782
Langelier, CarolDivision of EducationProfessor 8285
Lavallee, YvonneRegistrar's OfficeSr. Records Administrator 8212
Lawler, WilliamAthleticsHead Coach Men's Soccer, Assist. Sports Info. Director 8757
Lawrence, Sr. TheresaLibraryTechnical Services Assistant 8670
Lawson, KelleyAcademic AdvisingAssistant Director 8289
Leahy, SeanMaintenanceGrounds Supervisor 8265
Leary, AndreaMarketing & CommunicationsGraphic Designer 8509
Leclair, ValerieAdmissions - Undergraduate DayDirector of Undergraduate Admissions 8515
Lestico, CindyAcademic AffairsAdministrative Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs 8241
Levesque, MichaelPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Lewis, CathleenRISE - Rivier Institute for Senior EducationRISE Coordinator 8623
Lindquist, JaniceDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8494
Lisavich, JulieLibraryReference Staff 8256
Lizotte, PaulUndergraduate StudiesDirector of the Honors Programs 8267
Lucas, JennaAdmissions - Undergraduate DayAdmissions Counselor 8493
Luther, RobertDining ServicesDirector of Dining Services 8268
Macdonald, PeterInformation TechnologyDirector of Management Information Systems 8626
MacFarline, KathleenLibraryReference Librarian 8256
Madison, JackiePsychologyAdministrative Assistant 8571
Madison, JackieDivision of Arts & SciencesAdministrative Assistant 8571
Madison, JackieMath & Computer ScienceAdministrative Assistant 8571
Magnus, TeresaMath & Computer ScienceProfessor 8462
Mandolare, JenniferLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Marceau, RobertMath & Computer ScienceInstructor 8283
Marino, GailDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsLaboratory Coordinator 8663
Marrier, ChristineLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Marrone, MichelleMarketing & CommunicationsWriter 8512
Martineau, BridgetHousekeepingHousekeeper 8269
Martinez, MariaHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Maruszewski, EllenLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Maruszewski, EllenAthleticsAssistant Coach - Field Hockey 8762
Masson, DavidHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
McDonald, RichardPublic Safety & SecurityDirector, Public Safety 8477
McKean, BrendaHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Mcllwain, KathleenDivision of EducationDirector, Undergraduate Education & Graduate Reading Program 8572
McMullen, MarieInformation TechnologyDirector for Network Operations 8482
McSmith, Michele Information TechnologyWeb Specialist 8529
Medugno, RickInformation TechnologyWeb Specialist 8662
Meehan, Dr. MarkAcademic AffairsAVP Global Engagement & Assoc.Prof.- Education & Business 8780
Menke, MartinHistory, Political Science & Criminal JusticeDepartment Coordinator 8603
Mercer, DeborahFacilities ManagementHousekeeping 8269
Merrill, JoanneAthleticsDirector 8257
Meteyer, KarenPsychologyDirector of the Clinical Psych. Program/Assistant Professor 8263
Miller, DanielleAthleticsAssistant Athletic Trainer 8617
Money, Kimberly LibraryLate Shift Reference Librarian 8256
Monico, DianeDivision of EducationAssociate Professor of Education 8656
Morissette, DavidAthleticsAssistant Director &Head Coach Men's Basketball & Softball 8579
Morrissey, KathyAcademic AffairsAdministrative Assistant 8227
Morrissey, KathyAcademic AdvisingAdministrative Assistant 8227
Mousseau, AngelaDivision of EducationAssociate Professor 8593
Murphy, DarcyDisability ServicesDirector of Disability Services 8497
Murphy, SusanDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAssociate Professor 8627
Murphy, ThomasHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Nicosia, LinaHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Nowicka, TeresaHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Nuenoom, ClaireBusiness OfficeAccts Payable Specialist 8216
O'Donnell, PatricePsychologyProfessor 8271
O'Hara, JudiDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAssistant Professor 8495
O'Hara, KarlaFacilities ManagementCopy Center and Mail Room Coordinator 8524
O'Keefe, KristinaDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAdministrative Assistant, Undergraduate Nursing Program 8638
Orso, JoAnn Math & Computer ScienceProgram Manager- MS Computer Science Program 8615
Palumbo, EthelLandry Early Childhood CenterAssistant Teacher 8240
Parent, ChrisInformation TechnologyManager for Instructional Technology 8621
Parola, IreneDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsClinical Coordinator, Undergraduate (Pre-Licensure) 8646
Patnaude, ValerieFinancial AidDirector 8533
Perrine, RichardFacilities ManagementDirector 8206
Perry, AnthonyAthleticsHead Baseball Coach and Director for Sports Information 8760
Philibotte, KathyFinancial AidAssistant Director 8511
Philip, BenBiologyAssociate Professor 8585
Pietras, ElaineLibraryPart-time Reference Librarian 8256
Pinet, KatelynDivision of EducationAdministrative Assistant 8487
Pitts, DavidMath & Computer ScienceAssistant Professor 8288
Piwarunas, StaceyFacilities ManagementHousekeeping 8269
Porter, Johanna Division of EducationOffice Manager 8282
Pratt, KarenMath & Computer ScienceAcademic Advisor 8568
Pritchard, MeaganBusiness OfficeAssistant Controller 8481
Proulx, ChristinaBiologyLab coordinator 8291
Proulx, DonnaDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAssistant Professor 8647
Prudhomme, DeniseAdmissions - Undergraduate DayAdministrative Assistant 8507
Pynchon, NancyLandry Early Childhood CenterDirector 8565
Randazza, PaulaStudent AffairsAssistant Vice President 8244
Randazza, PaulaStudent Life & Housing ServicesInterim Health Services Coordinator 8244
Ray, LauraAthleticsHead Coach Women's Soccer; Sr. Women's Administrator 8763
Reale, JanineDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8281
Reilly, KathleenWriting and Resource CenterWriting Center Consultant 8581
Reilly, TristineDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsPracticum Placement Coordinator 8584
Riabov, VladimirMath & Computer ScienceProfessor and Department Coordinator 8613
Ricard, JayMaintenanceMaintenance Technician 8265
Richardson, PamelaLibraryCirculation Coordinator 8685
Robert, LenaLibraryTechnical Services Assistant 8587
Rodriguez, GregoryAdmissions - GraduateAssistant Director, Graduate&Professional Studies Admissions 8504
Rowlett, SharronMulticultural AffairsDirector 8676
Roy, KarenHousekeepingCustodian/Housekeeper 8269
Royer, RonaldDivision of EducationInstructor 8590
Rupp, KeithAthleticsAthletic Trainer 8616
Rye, SoniaInformation TechnologyIT Administrative Manager/Assistant to CIO 8631
Salazar, LaraAdmissions - Undergraduate DaySenior Associate Director for Enrollment Management 8560
Scanlan, DebraLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Scanlon, TimothyAdmissions - Undergraduate DayAdmissions Counselor 8573
Scannell, PaulPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Schaufenbil, HeatherDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsInstructor 8583
Schedin, KarenAdmissions - Undergraduate DayVice President for Enrollment Management 8516
Schleifer, BillInformation TechnologyChief Information Officer 8630
Schoenfeld, NaomiDivision of EducationCo-Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence 8563
Schryver, SuzanneWriting and Resource CenterLead Consultant 8581
Senecal, JoshInformation TechnologyComputer Operations Administrator 8674
Shearer, ReginaOffice of Student SuccessAssociate Vice President for Student Success 8296
Shearman, Christine Admissions - Undergraduate DayData Entry Specialist 8518
Slawinowski, PamelaDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAdministrative Assistant, Undergrad (Post Lic.) & Masters 8528
Slyman, JillianHuman ResourcesBenefits Manager 8211
Spadano, JosephDivision of EducationAssociate Professor of Education and Mathematics 8472
Speidel, DanielLibraryDirector 8576
Spohn, KarenDivision of BusinessAssociate Professor 8561
Stimeling, KurtStudent AffairsVice President for Student Affairs 8249
Strano, DianaHuman ResourcesDirector 8210
Strout, Lisa Division of EducationInstructor 8486
Strusa, Patricia Division of Nursing and Health ProfessionsClinical Coordinator 8636
Stull, BradfordUndergraduate StudiesProfessor 8238
Symonds, WilliamMaintenanceGroundskeeper 8265
Symonds, William JPHousekeepingHousekeeper, 3rd Shift 8269
Tappan, FrederickHousekeepingHousekeeping Supervisor 8269
Tappan, Tyren Facilities ManagementGroundskeeper 8265
Thibodeau, Sr. LucilleEnglishProfessor 8465
Thomas, WilliamPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Thompson, SarahBusiness OfficeStudent Financial Services Representative III 8214
Tilders, DebraOffice of the PresidentExecutive Assistant to the President 8202
Todgham, MelindaDivision of EducationAdministrative Assistant, Graduate 8595
Toosi, AmirDivision of BusinessDean of Business 8490
Trabucchi, ShariFinancial AidFinancial Aid Advisor 8510
Trudel, SarahAdmissions - Undergraduate Professional StudiesAssociate Director 8519
Tseng, YiliMath & Computer ScienceAssociate Professor 8496
Van Wagner, LeslieWriting and Resource CenterDirector 8580
Vecchione, SusanAdmissions - Undergraduate DayData Entry Specialist 8505
Villeneuve, Sr. MarthaInformation TechnologyDirector, Instructional Computing 8260
Walrath, RobertDivision of EducationAssociate Professor, Director of Psy. D 8589
Walsh, KarenLandry Early Childhood CenterMentor Teacher 8240
Ware, KatrinaPublic Safety & SecurityPublic Safety Officer 8888
Wayne, KevinDivision of BusinessAssociate Professor 8532
Wells, HelenLandry Early Childhood CenterAssociate Teacher 8240
Wesinger, JeanFinance & AdministrationPayroll Manager 8221
Whiteneck, TravisPublic Safety & SecurityDispatcher 8888
Williams, PaulAthleticsWomen's Basketball Coach 8657
Williams, PaulaDivision of Nursing and Health ProfessionsDean of Nursing 8628
Wilson, DianeAdmissions - Undergraduate Professional StudiesAdministrative Assistant 8219
Winiger, BrentFinance & AdministrationVice President for Finance and Administration 8215
Witt, AlanLibraryReference Librarian 8673
Yeomans, JenniferBusiness OfficeController 8466
Zaremba, ErinStudent AffairsAdministrative Assistant 8249
Zent, ClaudiaAdmissions - Undergraduate Professional StudiesAssistant Director 8235