Mathematics and Computer Science
Rivier College
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Dr. Terri Magnus


Professor of Mathematics
MAT mathematics Director

Ph.D., M.S., University of Virginia
B.A., University of Dallas


Phone:  (603) 897-8462 (office)

Web Page: 

Office Location: Regis Hall, 1st. floor, Room # 102


Courses taught recently

MA100A Math I,   MA100B Math I
MA123 Uantive Literacy
MA126 Puzzles, Patterns, Probabilities
MA130 Pre-Calculus
MA165 Calculus I with Lab
MA210 Linear Algebra
MA310 Discrete Mathematics
MA317 Mathematical Problem-Solving & Modeling
MA320 Geometric Models
MA420 Abstract Algebra
MA508 Discrete Mathematics for Teachers
MA525 Mathematical Problem-Solving & Modeling
MA532 Geometric Models for Teachers
MA553 Abstract Algebra for Teachers

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