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Rivier College
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Dr. Olga Chuyan

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.S. in Mathematics, Moscow State University, School of Applied Mathematics


Research Interests:
Analytical Computational Complexity, Optimization Theory, Game Theory


Phone:  (603) 897-8540 (office)


Office Location:  Rigis Hall, 3rd. floor, Room# 303

Courses taught recently

MA100 Math I
MA123 Quantitative Literacy
MA126 Puzzles, Patterns, Probabilities
MA165 Calculus I with Lab
MA166 Calculus II with Lab
MA205 History of Mathematics
MA210 Linear Algebra
MA220 Calculus III
MA310 Discrete Mathematics
MA420 Abstract Algebra
MA509 History of mathematics
MA553 Abstract Algebra
MA565 Concepts in Calculus

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