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MA130 Precalculus


Instructor:  Ann-Lee Thibeault                                   

Summer 2005

Brief Course Description

The course will emphasize mathematical thinking, the use of mathematical models, and the understanding of mathematical functions and graphs.  Specified topics include equalities and inequalities, polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, and trigonometric functions.  Students will be assumed to have successfully completed the equivalent of MA112, College Algebra, but will be encouraged to review their algebra skills in this course.

Course Objectives

To involve students in the active doing of mathematics

To engage students in mathematical thinking and problem solving

To engage students in developing mathematical models of problems and in solving problems

To help students learn to read mathematics and to become independent learners of mathematics

To develop studentsí abilities to write clearly and concisely about mathematical ideas and problem solutions

Teaching Strategies

Lecture and group discussions with an expectation of student participation and questioning

Student reading of mathematics and studying of examples

Student writing about mathematical ideas

Problem solving

Course Requirements

Homework Notes (20%)

Problems (20%)

Active participation and engagement in class (20%)

Midterm (20%)

Final examination (20%)

Tentative Schedule for Summer 2005

Chapter 1                                            5/25 - 6/8

Chapter 2                                            6/15 & 22

Midterm                                               6/29

Chapter 3                                            7/6 & 13

Chapter 4                                            7/20 & 27

Review                                                8/3

Final Examination                               8/10

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