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Computer Science Graduate Programs

The graduate programs in Computer Science educate highly qualified students for successful careers in the vibrant field of computing. Our graduates assume active roles in the research, development, production, and management of computing environments. In light of the ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula 2001 Guidelines, the Computer Science graduate programs equip students with a solid understanding of the theoretical underpinning of the computing discipline, and with significant practical experience with computer technology. 

To ensure that our graduates are properly prepared for the demands of the workplace, the graduate programs involve meaningful industry participation through faculty members who are professionals working in computing research laboratories and high-tech industries within Greater Nashua, or are actively engaged in industry-sponsored research. 

The graduate programs have state-of-the-art computing support. By partnering with Dell Computer corporation and Microsoft, the campus provides up-to-date technology in the Academic Computing Center laboratories and electronic classrooms. Students have access to Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. Lab and classroom computers provide programming development environments for c++, java, Perl, Scheme Prolog. Software systems are also available to enhance the academic experience with the best professional practices in specialty areas such as computer graphics, architecture simulation, software engineering, database management, and intelligent systems.

Master of Science Degree Program
The purpose of the Master’s program is to provide students with advanced disciplinary knowledge and skills and valid professional practices. The program is structured to serve prospective students with diverse academic backgrounds and professional experience, and thus offers two tracks of course of study. The highly- or cross-trained student track is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in computer science or related areas, such as Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences, and Engineering. The retraining student track is designed for students with a non-technical undergraduate degree and with limited mathematical background. 

Master of Science In Computer Information Systems
The integration of business and computing fields is the key to the effective management of information in today ’s organizations. As more organizations process information to support decision-making, the need for highly qualified professionals in computer information systems increases. Business, government, and organizations in the nonprofit sector have increasing demands for systems analysts, data administrators, and information technology specialists.
The Department of Business Administration and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offer jointly the Master of Science in Computer Information  Systems program. The program prepares individuals in developing business expertise and skills, as well as computing knowledge and practices. The program has state-of-the-art technological support: a large local area network of PCs interconnected via high-speed cabling. The campus general-purpose computing labs have workstations that run Windows, Linux, and Sun Microsystems operating systems.

Graduate Certificate Programs
The purpose of the graduate certificates is to provide working professionals with specific high-level academic training in the computing field. Business and industry recognize a graduate certificate as an indication of proficiency in a designated area of specialization. Courses in a graduate certificate program may be applied to the Master’s degree in Computer Science. 

Admission Requirements

General Criteria
Applicants for admission to the graduate programs in Computer Science are required to follow the general guidelines for the application process presented in the Admissions Process section in this catalog. Prospective students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit official transcripts of undergraduate degree and any other relevant academic credits. International students must send transcripts to a transcript evaluation service in the United States approved by the Office of Graduate Admissions. The service should be requested  to evaluate the student’s transcript   and degree awarded, and provide a course by course evaluation.

  • Provide three letters of recommendation from individuals with whom the applicant has studied and/or under whose immediate supervision the applicant has worked in a professional capacity; and/or from others who are in a position to offer pertinent  appraisal of academic and interpersonal skills, ability, and potential.

  • Provide a “Statement of Purpose” (see application form for content).

  • Provide evidence of English proficiency if a language other than English is the native language. Please consult Admission Process section of this catalog.

In addition, applicants are recommended to:

  • Submit GRE scores to the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, and

  • Meet with the Director of the Computer Science Program to plan a course of study.

Financial Support
The School of Graduate Studies has a limited number of teaching assistantships, available to qualified full-time graduate computer science students. Other support may be available through departmental research programs sponsored by federal and state agencies and by high-tech industry. 

Course Descriptions
Course Descriptions of courses with CS designation