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Tutoring Guidelines


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1.   Tutors will help students in subjects related to Computer Science. The tutor may also be of assistance to other students needing help with computer skills.

2.    Please bring your text and notes with you to tutoring lessons. You will find your session with the tutor more helpful if you narrow your questions in advance: Is there a particular problem you canít do? A specific concept you donít understand? Where does the reading become confusing?

3.    The tutor will not do homework for you, but rather will listen to you in order to determine what you are having difficulty understanding and help you understand the methods and concepts involved.

4.    When several students need help, the tutor will limit the time spent with each student (about 15-20 minutes).

5.    The tutor is only expected to help during the times stated above.

6.    The students with any questions also can send an email to the tutors.

7.    Recognize that the tutor is your peer, not an instructor. There may be some topics in your course that lie beyond the tutorís expertise. When that occurs and if time permits the tutor may be able to read and work through the section with you. Your instructor is also happy here to meet with you and help you understand. Consult your syllabus for office hours!

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