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Recent Internship Positions & Sponsors

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21st Century Community Learning Centers and RoboTech Center, Nashua NH

Robotics Instructor


Arluk Technologies – Camp Robotech, Rivier College
Technical Assistant

Brickmill Marketing Services, Nashua NH


Marketing Research Intern
Information Technology Intern

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
Technical Research Assistant
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, New Brunswick, NH
Pharmaceutical Development Support Specialist

Center for Life Management Behavioral, Salem, NH
Information Services Support Intern
Community Council of Nashua, Nashua, NH
Management Information Systems Assistant
Compuware Corporation, Nashua, NH
Quality Assurance Engineer
Fidelity Investments, Marlborough, MA


Actuarial Benefit Consultant
Quantitative Development Intern

Great American Downtown, Nashua NH
Web Development Intern

In Your Face Hoops Players Association, Nashua, NH

Web Designer


International Component X-Change, Inc.,Topsfield, MA
System Support Intern

Life Cycle Business Partners, Salem, NH
Warehouse Operations Support Assistant
Meetinghouse Data Communications, Portsmouth, NH
Software Developer

Narad Networks, Nashua, NH
Quality Assurance Intern
Nashua School District, Nashua NH
Web Development Intern
Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH
Video Production Intern
Precise Workshop Program, Math/CS Department, Rivier College, Nashua NH
Web and Program Assistant

ProfitLogic, Cambridge, MA
Quality Assurance Intern
River Theatre Company, Nashua NH
DVD Production Intern
SERESC, Bedford, NH
Web Development Intern
Silver Oven Studios, Inc., Portsmouth, NH
Interface Developer
Sunset Heights School, Nashua, NH
Web Development Instructor
The Islamic Academy,  Methuen, MA
Computer Instruction Intern

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