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International students who have F-1 visas need to utilize Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for internships. The following are a few practical questions and answers concerning CPT:

bulletWhat is Curricular Practical Training (CPT) ?
Curricular Practical Training is an employment option available to F-1 students where the practical training employment is considered an integral part of the curriculum or academic program. 
bulletWhy do international students need to use Curricular Practical Training for internships?
Internships are considered as employment, which also includes cooperative education job, practicum, or any other work experience that is either required for a degree (as defined in the course catalog) or for which academic credit is awarded. Therefore, when seeking an internship, F-1 students need to apply for Curricular Practical Training.
bulletWhat are the eligibility requirements?
To apply for Curricular Practical Training, students must be in lawful F-1 status and have a job offer.
bulletWhat is the difference between Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practice training?
        There exist differences between Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practice training. Usually Curricular Practical Training is used for students who get an internship during the studying period. Optional Practice training is used  for the students who finish all the required credits and apply for graduation. Once the students get an internship offer and the Curricular Practical Training application is approved, international students can use Curricular Practical Training for internship and  this time period will not be counted as part of Optional Practice training.  

The following links are useful for F-1 students to get more detailed information about various issues on visa and immigration, such as status, work permit, Curricular Practical Training, etc.

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