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Verilogger Pro

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Brief Description

          The Verilogger Pro DDK is used in the Computer Architecture course. Students use Verilogger Pro to write code to implement computer components such as register files, finite state machines, arithmetic/logic units, processor pipelines, and cache. The course gives hands on experience on the usage of the tool and its applications.
                 Verilogger Pro is installed in all machines at STH135 and STH136. After you log on, you can click on the Start Menu, Programs, Computer Science Software, Synapticad  and then run the Verilogger Pro. Once you do that, you will be inside Verilogger Pro's IDE and now you can design and develop your own components like the adder, multiplexer, parity checker etc.


            Synapticad Corporation sells us one-year licenses for personal use at student prices: at the time of this writing, the license costs $50. All  tools are packaged together in one install file. After you install the downloaded file, go to the SynaptiCAD program group on the Start Menu and choose the package that you wish to use. By default the products start in evaluation mode. In this mode, files cannot be saved. A 2 week evaluation license can be obtained from SynaptiCAD to fully enable the software. All evaluation versions can also be converted to full versions using an appropriate license from SynaptiCAD, without any further downloading.


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