Global Engagement

The Global Engagement Office seeks to ease the entry of graduate and undergraduate international students by providing timely and ongoing advising in matters of personal, social, cultural, and immigration concerns.

The highly personal approach provided by the International Student Advisor, helps F-1 students make successful transitions into the Rivier community.
Dey Barriga, International Student Advisor for Global Engagement provides initial guidance and continuous assistance to all F-1 students. The advisor assists with matters such as immigration regulations/procedures, housing, social security numbers, personal issues, drivers licenses, cultural adjustment, employment, filing income tax, and traveling outside the United States as well as re-entry. Each semester, an electronic newsletter to all F-1 students reminding them of their responsibilities as F-1 students and to share recent immigration news.

International students are welcome to contact Ms. Barriga at, or 603-8978781. She will be happy to assist you. If you are a prospective student, feel free to do the same. The International Student Advisor will guide you to the process of obtaining an F-1 visa, changing your non-immigrant status to F1 and transferring to Rivier University . Please come and visit the Office of Global Engagement, we are happy to assist you. We look forward to welcoming you to our university! Namaste!

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