Upcoming Events

With the recent success of the Spring event, the CSA officers are back into the groove of exams and assignments. However, there are plans in the making for an outing, so stay tuned for updates !

Previous Events

International Students' Spring Festival 2012


ISARC and CSA joined hands once again to present a spectacular celebration of their respective cultures and traditions on March 16, 2012.

There were multiple presentations on the celebration of the Holi Festival in Guyana and Nepal by students Stephen Venkatasami and Ashmita Lamichane respectively and the Chinese Lantern Festival by students, Yifan Meng and Paul Tian

Graduate Student,Sravani Jayaraman, performed an Indian dance. Dr. Yu Aloe L. Rioux performed the traditional and spectacular Chinese Ribbon Dance. Students, Amanda Ho and Amy Lam performed Chinese songs with traditional chinese musical instruments.

Presidents of ISARC and CSA, Priyanki Basak and Quan Yuan respectively, were the hosts for the evening drove the event to its success.The games were hosted by Raxit Shah, and this time we had the Paper Dance and Tug of War! The last program was an open dance session, where the Indian students danced away to Bollywood hits.

An important part of the event was a fundraiser for the Sisters Presentation of Mary Solidarity Project. Led by Dey Barriga, together with the efforts of ISARC and CSA officers, a substantial amount was raised for the Project, the proceedings of which will go to the building of an orphanage in the Phillipines.

A special thanks to Vir catering-run by former students of Rivier and ex-ISARC officers-who catered for the event and did a spectacular job.

All in all, it was once again an evening to remember. For pictures,check out our Gallery. Alternately there are pictures available on the ISAO Facebook Page .

International Students Spring Festival 2011


The International Students' Spring Festival 2011 was organized by ISARC and Chinese Student Association(CSA) on March 25, 2011.

ISARC and CSA combined efforts to celebrate Holi- the indian festival of colors, and the Chinese Lantern Festival.

The event involved exotic performances including the traditional Bharatanatyam dance,a fusion dance and the chinese jasmine flower dance.No event would be complete without good food, a wonderful variety of indian and chinese food was served.
There were informative presentations by students on Holi and the Chinese Lantern festival,followed by plenty of games and dance.Kudos to our President- Swapna Priya,and Vice President-Priyanki, for making sure the event was a success.