About Us


The Chinese Student Association of Rivier University was formed to spread cultural awareness, strive to provide a stable support system and a rich Chinese cultural experience for current and prospective students at this university.

By exploring history and tradition, presenting a social forum for our members and promoting our performances and lively arts to the rest of the Rivier community, CSA seeks to strengthen student awareness of the Asian culture.

Mission of CSA

rc The primary mission of the CSA is not only to spread cultural awareness of China but also to positively impact the quality of all students' experiences in the Rivier University community by creating opportunities to appreciate and understand the rich cultural heritage of China.

CSA is a platform for sharing our rich culture and traditions with students of different cultures by organizing cultural events such as the Chinese Lantern Festival and other social gatherings in collaboration with other organizations on campus every semester.

The strength of our organization lies in the unconditional support that we all have for each of our members and receive from the International Student Advisors and our determination to strive towards the integrity of our strong values with a western outlook.