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REACH - Road Expedition to Academic and Career Horizons A unique career exploration process.

Are you experiencing “Major” confusion?
While visiting colleges of interest, you will probably hear comments like:

  • It’s okay to be undecided as a freshman about your college major      
  • A majority of students change their major at least one time during college
  • Students who have declared a major are often just as uncertain as you are

What makes Rivier's REACH program unique?
REACH is for freshmen who are undeclared or uncertain about their academic major. 

RIV 100A: Campus to Career - This course is designed to help students gain a better understanding of their interests, values, and abilities as they relate to the academic major as well as to career and vocational development.  It will also support students in making the most of the college experience, planning for academic achievement, and becoming involved in campus life and community activities.  Students will be supported in integrating the acquired knowledge, skills and strategies with future lifelong achievement.  Classes will be interactive. The course has no prerequisites and is mandatory for new first-year students who are undeclared. Sophomores who are uncertain about their choice of academic major and/or career options may enroll.  An underlying principle for the course holds that uncertainties about a career focus and/or college major do not indicate that someone is directionless.  1 credit.  Pass/Fail. 

REACH...offers support through individualized help and follow-up for 'mapping' your road to career success. 

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