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An interview is a give and take. The employer will ask you questions and you want to be prepared with questions of your own. While you do not want to hog the interview sessions with your questions, you do want to get a good sense of the job requirements and the work environments so that you can determine your level of interest in the position. Using the potential applicant questions below, select some that seem most appropriate for an upcoming job interview. In the beginning phase of the interview, the first two questions in section A are most important. If the employer does not describe the job requirements early into the interview, be sure to ask these two questions yourself. One or more of your questions may get answered during the course of the interview. If they are not answered, you can bring them up as the interview progresses. Do not be the first to bring up the topic of salary, promotions and benefits. Unless they are used for screening purposes, employers tend to address this topic once they’ve determined an interest in you as a candidate. Let the employer begin this subject and see if your salary/benefit related questions are answered or whether you need to bring them up yourself at this point in the interview.

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