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John Green Headshot  

Name:   John Green
Class of:   2012
Major:  Business Management
Position:  Sales Associate in Digital Imaging
Employer:  Best Buy

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Elena Marinelli Headshot  

Name:  Elena Marinelli
Class of:   2012
Major:  Sociology
Position:   Assistant Director of Student Life for Involvement and Leadership
Employer:  Daniel Webster College

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Bethanie Headshot  

Name: Bethanie Gentile
Class of: 2010
Major: Nursing
Position: Registered Nurse
Employer: Allegiance Health (Jackson, MI)

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Lainey Headshot  

Name: Lainey Titus
Class of: 1999
Major: Communications
Position: Chief of Staff
Employer: Representative Steve Walsh, State of Massachusetts

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Michael Headshot

Name: Michael Gorvin
Class of: 2008
Major: Computer Science
Position: Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Employer: eCopy

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Nicole Headshot

Name: Nicole LoPresti
Class of: 2008
Major: Psychology
Position: Case Coordinator
Employer: Lowell Treatment Center

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Bernadette Headshot

Name: Bernadette Conticchio Martel
Class of: 2008
Major: Business Management
Position: Financial Analyst I
Employer: Goodrich

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Kimberly Headshot

Name: Kimberly Swanson
Class of: 2009
Major: Sociology
Position: Complex Coordinator
Employer: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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David Headshot

Name: David Maille
Class of: 2009
Major: Criminal Justice
Position: Workers' Compensation Paralegal
Employer: Thornton & Naumes, LLP of Boston

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(No Photo

Name: Janine Tranfa
Class of: 2009
Major: Nursing
Position: Registered Nurse
Employer: Saratoga Hospital

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