Job Search Resources for International Students

U.S. Employment 
Global & Home Country Employment 
International Career Fairs

United States Employment

United States Department of Labor - Office of Foreign Labor

Department of Homeland Security - The Department is responsible for providing immigration-related services and benefits such as naturalization and work authorization as well as investigative and enforcement responsibilities for enforcement of federal immigration laws, customs laws and air security laws. - provides undergraduate and graduate visiting international students with an internet based resource that assists with worldwide employment and internship searches.  Includes content and free services for visiting foreign national students in the areas of visa application preparation and immigration consultation.

International Co-op Program at Northeastern University- Resource list of companies with global business interests who may have an interest in hiring employees from different cultural backgrounds.

International Center - University of Michigan - Resources on international internships, visa and work permits, volunteer opportunities, etc..

Interexchange - a private, non-profit organization involved in international, educational and cultural exchange, offering an International Practical Training Program in the U.S. for up to 18 months for international students and recent grads.

 Global & Home Country Employment 

The International Career Employment Center - EUROGRADUATE LIVE contains an up-to-date Careers Database featuring thousands of Graduate Opportunities across Europe.  There’s also expert advice on Career Planning and how to make job applications in other countries.

Inter Career Net - one of the largest publishers in Japan and a leader in the employment information business - specializes in assisting multinational corporations to recruit bilingual employees for some of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

Job Serve - IT opportunities in the United Kingdom - Current job postings for Spanish and Portuguese bi-linguals worldwide

International Center - University of Michigan - Resources on international internships, visa and work permits, volunteer opportunities, etc..

Thunderbird School of International Management - Large list of international job links and media research tools - Great site!

The European Business Directory - Lists 150,000 suppliers from England, France, Italy, Spain, and Denmark.  Good research tool!

The Electronic Embassy - Listing of foreign embassy sites which can possibly provide work-related information

 The Riley Guide's International Job Opportunities

Other International Career Resources On The Internet  

International Career Fairs

MIT European Career Fair - Usually held in late January at MIT, this site offers some links that may be of interest to you.

Boston Career Forum Job Fair - Usually held in October at the World Trade Center in Boston by DISCO International, seeking Japanese/English bilingual graduating students and experienced professionals.

Career Conferences of America - International Employment Conferences held nationwide, as a recruiting resource for  many of the best U.S. and global companies. 

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