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The One-Minute Career Pitch

The following is an example of a “one minute summary” of your background that you might use in a networking meeting to keep the purpose of the meeting focused on gaining information and referrals as opposed to asking for a job. You would not make job requests or offer your resume, unless these issues are initiated by the professional you are meeting with:   

I will be graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rivier University. In my junior year I completed an internship at Exxon Corporation with the Vice President of Sales, John Smith.  While attending Rivier, I volunteered as a mentor for the Boys & Girls club and the summer between my sophomore and junior year I volunteered for Habitat for Humanities.  That summer we built houses in the flood affected areas of northern New Hampshire.  My strengths include excellent communication and organizational skills as well as effective leadership skills.  As I mentioned in the letter, I am exploring different job and career opportunities. The type of work you do interests me very much.  I want to learn more about_____________.

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