Mission Statement

The mission of The Art Gallery at Rivier University is to present exhibitions that complement and enhance the university’s academic offerings, particularly those in art history, studio art, and design. It furthermore collects, administers, stores, and preserves the Rivier University Permanent Collection of Art for purposes of study, research, and exhibition.

The Art Gallery produces four to five exhibitions each academic year. Often accompanied by written commentary, lectures, gallery talks, or panel discussions, exhibitions aim to educate students, the broader campus community, and the general public about both historic and emerging art forms.

Current Exhibition

January 26 - March 5

Works in Mixed Media by Leo Balzano

Leo Balzano is a largely self-taught artist who speaks of his work as both a passion and a profound source of personal fulfillment. His approach is spontaneous and intuitive, yielding uniquely imaginative explorations of color, composition, and line. Various materials fascinate him and have become tools for his untiring ventures into visual abstraction.


A resident of Nashua, New Hampshire, Balzano is a retired Security Analyst and a disabled Vietnam War veteran. On two occasions he returned to Saigon where he engaged groups of children – victims of pooression and the atrocities of war – in creative papermaking projects.