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January 26 – March 5

Mixed Media Works by Leo Balzano

A resident of Nashua, Leo Balzano creates small, beautiful, powerfully engaging, abstract and near-abstract works that together suggest a kaleidoscopic stream of consciousness. The overall effect is of layered immediacies, quick moments emerging from the even quicker emotional truths of pure color, gesture, and intuitive juxtaposition. These works merge the essential act of looking with the freeing act of experimenting. As such they are refreshingly spontaneous, yet exquisitely modest and unassuming.


March 23 – April 30

Between the Shadow and the Light:
An Exhibition Out of South Africa

This exhibition results from a cross-cultural visual arts project held in South Africa in 2013. It engaged arts professors from American church-founded universities and a variety of artists from sub-Saharan Africa who experienced the visual arts renaissance taking place in South Africa where recent history, lively religious dynamics, and contemporary social challenges make a compelling setting for artistic reflection and experimentation.