Reunion Weekend

Alumni Class Representatives

Alumni Class Representatives help promote Reunion Weekend to their classmates, encouraging their attendance and participation. If interested in serving as a class representative for Alumni Reunion Weekend 2017, please contact the Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations at

Thank you to alumni serving as Class Representatives for the following Reunion Classes :

Class Year      Representative(s)
1967 (50th Reunion) Rose-Marie (Richard) Robichaud '71G

1972 (45th Reunion) Murielle (Gosselin) Bennett
Linda (Trafton) Fraser '88G
1977 (40th Reunion)
Cindy (Matthews) Talor

1987 (30th Reunion) Jamie Russell
Allison (Ploszay) Seavey
Christine (Reynolds) Russo

1997 (20th Reunion) Amy (Lawrence) Harris '01G

2007 (10th Reunion) Eric Blackburn '14G

2012 (5th Reunion) Elena Marinelli

Reunion Class Attendees

Thank you to all who have registered so far. Check back for updates on new attendees, and to see your own name appear.

1967 (50th Reunion)
Constance (Dennis) Bevivino
Sister Arlene Callahan
Mary Judith (Burke) Gedroiz
Janet (Murphy) Maguire
Therese (Leonard) McArdle
Jacquelyn Reynolds
Rose-Marie (Richard) Robichaud

1972 (45th Reunion)
Murielle (Gosselin) Bennett
Sandra (Dupuis) Hogan
Pamela (Hebert) Feeney
Linda (Trafton) Fraser
Lisa (LaForte) Holmes
Delores (Isabelle) Jay

1977 (40th Reunion)
Ginger (Garfi) Famisan
Michelle (Lamarre) Lawlor
Anne Reeves Seminara
Cynthia (Matthews) Talor
1982 (35th Reunion)
Judith (Owens) Boquist
Joyce (Pellegrino) Campisi

1987 (30th Reunion)
Julie Ann (LaPointe) Bonanni
Lisa-Marie (Palazzo) Hintze
Gayle (Mullin) Phaneuf
Jamie Russell
Christine (Reynolds) Russo
Allison (Ploszay) Seavey
1997 (20th Reunion)
Cara Zubricki

2007 (10th Reunion)
Michael Lopez
Kristen (Morey) Lopez

2012 (5th Reunion)
April-Lynne Killoran

Sister Lucille Auger

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