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Strategic Partner Program
HHHC of Merrimack

Academic Programs

For over 30 years, the Rivier University Division of Nursing has prepared students to meet the rapidly changing demands of the healthcare environment. Rivier continually builds on its strengths, offering programs that provide students with individual attention, quality education, and numerous opportunities for practical experience.

Rivier offers undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees that prepare you to enter this exciting and challenging profession. The hallmark of all of Rivier's nursing programs is the faculty-supervised clinical experience in hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the greater Boston and central New England regions. Our undergraduate and graduate nursing programs prepare students to become licensed registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nurse educators throughout the United States.

Read program requirements and course descriptions in the undergraduate catalog:

A.S. NursingLPNs are invited to apply for advanced placement in the associate degree program. Once accepted, students who have completed the pre-requisite coursework begin the nursing course sequence with NSG200, Transitions, in the spring semester. Students then complete three semesters of A.S. clinical courses and graduate the following spring.

B.S. Nursing, RN-BS  (online) *View our special Q&A page

Read program requirements and course descriptions in the graduate catalog:
M.S. Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner [FNP] Track) 

M.S. Nursing (Nursing Education [NE] Track) 

M.S. Nursing (Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner [PMHNP] Track) 

M.S. Nursing (Advanced Practice RN Degree Completion Program)  

Post-master's certificates available in family nursing, adult psychiatric/mental health nursing and nursing education.

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Policy for Non-Nursing Courses

HHHC employees interested in enrolling in non-nursing degree programs are eligible to receive the same discount as for nursing programs. However, the cost of such courses may not be eligible for reimbursement through HHHC. Please contact HHHC-HR for the current payment policy.

For courses not covered by HHHC’s Tuition Reimbursement plan, students must follow Rivier’s standard payment policy. This policy states that student’s are required to pay for the course in-full prior to the start of class or have made arrangements for a deferred payment plan with Rivier’s Business Office.

For more information, go to the Tuition and Billing page.