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Student Employment

Online Training Opportunity

Many (if not all) of our work study employee positions have you working with customers. These customers can be other students, faculty, staff, parents, people of the community, etc. You, as a student employee, need to understand that you are the face of Rivier University and how the University is perceived. Please make sure to represent Rivier in the best way possible and deal with every situation in an appropriate manner. To help you with some of these skills, there is free training available to you at! Please go to the website and create an account for yourself. You will find the following sessions under Student Employment. They take about 30 minutes to complete.

Sessions include:

  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • FERPA and Confidentiality
  • Effective Communication
  • Email and Telephone Etiquette
  • Business Etiquette and Office Culture


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