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The Financial Aid Office recommends that all students file the 2015-2016 FAFSA on-line. By applying for financial aid on-line, you reduce the chances of filing an incomplete application. When a student files the FAFSA on the internet, the form will not be processed if any of the required information is left blank. Students may connect directly to FAFSA On the Web by clicking on the header, above. Or, if your computer does not meet the security requirements, you can apply at the Financial Aid Office in Adrienne Hall or the Rivier University Computer Lab located in Sylvia Trottier Hall. Returning students are also encouraged to file the Renewal FAFSA on-line. The following are the government's instructions on how to access your renewal information.  Watch this "Five-Minute FAFSA" video from YouTube here - YouTube FAFSA Overview 

1. To use Renewal FAFSA on the Web, you will need a PIN number. Visit Read the instructions and submit the required identifying information. You will receive your PIN # immediately. Request your PIN as soon as possible.

2. Once you obtain a PIN #, you can electronically access your information and update the information that has changed since last year. Processing is free and secure, and generally is completed much faster than if you filled out and mailed a paper application. You should file as soon as possible, but not before January 1, 2015. If you have moved, you will not be able to change your address and file your renewal FAFSA on-line. You will need to file a new FAFSA on-line (see Filing a New FAFSA section). If you are an independent student filing a renewal form on-line, you are not required to mail in the signature page.  Dependent students are required to supply parental information.  If you choose not to sign electronically with a PIN, you may print out the signature page when prompted and mail the page to the address listed on it.  If the form is printed and mailed immediately after you file your application, the processing time is approximately two weeks.

Filing a new FAFSA For students who did not file a FAFSA for 2014-2015 or who moved since they last filed the application, you must file a new FAFSA for 2015-2016. To do so, log on to the Department of Education's website (click on the header above). Select the option to file a FAFSA and then select 2015-2016 FAFSA. After you complete all required information, print the signature page and mail to the federal processor immediately. The form will not be processed until the Dept. of Education receives your signature page. Remember, dependent students need their parent's signature. It will take about two weeks for the form to be processed.

Application Deadline All students who plan to attend Rivier University in 2015-2016 should complete the 2015-16 FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA by the priority deadline of March 1, 2015. Late applicants will be awarded on a funds-available basis. If you are graduating from Rivier University in Spring 2015, you are not required to complete the FAFSA/Renewal Form, unless you plan on continuing your education during the 2015-16 academic year.

Hints for Completing the FAFSA Students should provide the most accurate information they have available to them. Due to the importance of filing the FAFSA/Renewal Form by our priority deadline of March 1, 2015, we recommend students use estimated income information if their 2014 tax forms have not been completed. To do this, use your (and your parents, if applicable) 2013 tax form if the information is similar to your 2014 earnings. If there is a significant difference in income between the two years, you may estimate based on W-2s or an end of the year pay stub from 2014.


In order to assure your application has been properly filed and received by Rivier University, you will receive a confirmation letter from the Federal Government. If you have not received your confirmation within a month of filing, call FAFSA at 1-800-433-32431-800-433-3243. The University cannot be held responsible for not receiving your FAFSA.


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