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Facilities & Resources

Regina Library's resources include 100,000 volumes and access to more than three million volumes in 12 area libraries. Students also have online access to licensed databased in virtually every academic subject.

The Education Center includes the Early Childhood Center with laboratory classrooms. Counseling rooms with one-way observation mirrors and satellite-linked classrooms are among its other outstanding features.

The Cho Educational Resource Library, located in the Education Center, offers extensive curriculum resources for educators in the area, as well as for education students.

The Academic Computer Center provides up to 68 workstations plus several electronic classrooms on campus. Students have ready acces to a wide range of applications including Microsoft Office, Oracle development tools, programming languages, and specialized software for all academic areas.

The McLean Center for Finance and Economics, located within the Academic Computer Center, provides access to real-time financial data from a variety of sources including the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. With access to breaking world news headlines, students utilize real-world information and data to support the theories presented in the classroom.

The physical assessment lab located in Sylvia Trottier Hall provides nursing students with practical experience using blood pressure cuffs, ophthalmoscopes, IV pumps, and more.

The English Communications Lab, equipped with the most recent design and illustration software as well as video and sound editing equipment, allows students to build their portfolios by creating brochures, videos, advertisements, and flyers for real-world clients.

The Rivier University Art Gallery features works of regionally renowned artists throughout the academic year.

The BAE Student Research Laboratory is a state-of-the art-facility offering students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience by assisting in faculty research and developing their own independent biology research projects. Resources include extensive lab instrumentation for protein characterization, microbe identification, tissue culture, and anaerobic growth analysis.

The Behavioral Science Laboratory provides graduate students in the new B.A./M.S. program and advanced undergraduates with the space and instrumentation to design experiments, collect data and analyze and interpret results obtained from original research studies. The lab is equipped with Empirisoft MediaLab and DirectRT software packages and with SPSS for data analysis.

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