General FAQs

How do I apply to Rivier? 
Students wishing to attend day classes full-time or part-time, should submit their application to:
Rivier University
Office of Day Admissions
420 South Main Street
Nashua, NH 03060-5086
Students can apply online

What numbers do I plug in to have my ACT/SAT test scores sent to Rivier University? 
Rivier's SAT code number is 3728; our ACT code number is 2520.

What are your application deadlines?
Rivier uses a rolling admission system. Through this method, qualified students are notified of acceptance from the date their application is complete. Although there is no specified application deadline, the University recommends that students submit applications by August 1 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester. Qualified students are admitted to the University, however, as long as space is available.

Do you have early decision?
Rivier University does not offer early decision in the traditional sense. Early decision at Rivier University has a November 15th deadline, but is non-binding. If an applicant wishes to apply for early action, completes the application process, and meets the requirements before the deadline they can be accepted without first quarter grades. Each application is considered individually.

What should I expect during my interview?
You will sit down with an admissions counselor who will cover program information, the application process, financial aid and tuition, and campus life. Your admissions counselor will ask questions about what you participate in outside of the classroom, volunteer work, employment, and athletics or intramurals. The interview gives your admissions counselor a chance to get to know you better. 

How important are test scores in the admissions process?
SAT I or ACT are required for admission and are used as part of the evaluation process. There is no specific number that ensures your acceptance, and there is no firm cut-off score. SAT/ACT scores are just one source of information that we use in determining your ability to succeed.

Do you give credit for AP or college level courses taken in high school?
Incoming first-year students who have obtained a score of three or higher on the Advanced Placement Test of the College Entrance Examination Board may apply for advanced placement. Each application will be considered individually and the amount of credit granted toward a degree will be determined after reviewing the student’s record and examination scores.

What do you look at when evaluating an application?When we consider your application, we evaluate the overall strength of your high school record, your performance on standardized tests, your letters of recommendation, application essay, extracurricular activities, and your employment history. An interview with your personal admissions counselor is highly recommended.

What are your admissions requirements?Students applying to Rivier must submit the following credentials:

- Application for Admission;
- Application fee-$25, nonrefundable. Checks may be made out to Rivier University;
- Application essay-topics are listed on the application form;
- An official high school transcript. The transcript should include first quarter or first semester senior year grades and, if available, rank in class. Applicants who have
earned a GED should submit an official copy of the test results;
- SAT I or ACT score results. (traditional students only) The Rivier University SAT code number is 3728;
- Adult applicants (23 years or older) are not required to submit SAT I or ACT scores but may be asked to take an alternative aptitude examination at the request of the Admissions Committee;
- One letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor, teacher, or advisor concerning academic ability and character. Two letters of recommendation are required for transfer nursing students. Adults who are returning to school after an extended length of time should obtain a letter of recommendation from an employer or professional in the community;
- Personal interview and campus tour are both highly recommended, although not required.

Following acceptance, all students must request that their high school send a final official transcript with the date of graduation to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.

Can students be accepted directly into a major?
Yes, if a student indicates a specific major and meets the requirements they are accepted right into the program.

Does Rivier accept the common application?Yes, Rivier accepts the common application.

How many transfer credits can be accepted?
Up to 45 credits may be transferred into an associate degree and up to 90 into a bachelor’s degree program.

What if I am homeschooled? 

In addition to the application, essay, application fee, and SAT I or ACT scores, homeschooled students should submit:
- A high school equivalent transcript issued by the agency, school or persons overseeing the curriculum including an official date of graduation or GED;
- Two letters of recommendation from, for example, a minister, neighbor, employer, or professional in the community;
- An academic portfolio consisting of graded work. Specific requirements include an English essay, science project/lab/report, and a social sciences research or analytical paper.

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