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Expand the borders of your mind and world.

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world," according to philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Rivier University students expand their minds and worlds with study of the Spanish language, culture, literature, film and theater, and enjoy advanced language courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Additional elective courses prepare students for specific occupations and careers, such as Spanish for Healthcare Professionals. For those students interesting in teaching, the University also offers a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish.

The Modern Languages Department and Office for Global Engagement provide multiple opportunities for students to connect and advance their articulation and comprehension skills outside the classroom. There are weekly language tables for meal-time exchanges in Spanish, semester- or year-long study abroad, specific courses with a shorter study abroad components built into the curriculum, and internships at organizations serving Spanish-speaking communities.

Bilingualism is a distinct advantage in today’s job market, as advancing globalization creates more international exchanges, multi-ethnic and multicultural communities and consumers.

Rivier University is a College of Distinction.

Department of Modern Languages
Rivier's high-quality, hands-on bachelor's and master's programs prepare students for leadership roles in a global environment. For more information, visit the Department of Modern Languages.

B.A. in Spanish graduates can pursue roles as:

  • Teachers (elementary, middle, and high school)
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Business executives
  • Health and human services workers
  • Cultural events coordinators
  • National security and immigration officials
  • Government and diplomatic service workers

Note: Some careers, especially teaching, will require additional graduate study and/or certification.

Rivier’s Career Development Center (CDC) provides professional advising, assistance with career or major planning, internship options, job search information, and graduate school exploration. For a complete list of CDC resources, visit the Center’s web page.


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