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Prepare to be a leader in today's public health sector.

Public health professionals work to protect the health of individuals, families, and communities and to make people’s lives safer and healthier.

Through research, disease control, injury prevention, emergency preparedness, promotion of healthy lifestyles and policy setting, public health practitioners inform and educate the public, government and health-related organizations. They also focus on reducing health disparities, improving healthcare equity, quality, and access. Through monitoring and diagnosis of community problems, these professionals are able to address the concerns of communities and mobilize partners to safeguard the health of entire populations.

In addition to Rivier’s liberal arts core curriculum, major courses include a combination of public health, science, math, psychology and sociology courses. Students will complete a public health internship as part of their coursework, which will provide direct experience in the field, build their resumes, and provide opportunities for professional networking.

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B.S. in Public Health graduates can pursue roles as:

  • Public health analysts and advisors
  • Hospital administrators
  • Epidemiologists
  • Biostatisticians
  • Health inspectors and educators
  • Health communication and marketing specialists
  • Many other public health-related positions

Note: Some careers may require additional graduate study.


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B.S. Public Health landing page

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