Counseling & School Psychology

Graduate Counseling

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M.Ed. School Counseling  certification program
M.Ed. Educational Studies  counseling concentration
M.A. Mental Health Counseling  
C.A.G.S. Counseling  
C.A.G.S. Mental Health Counseling  
C.A.G.S. School Psychology  

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Rivier's programs prepare you for a career as a certified or licensed practitioner employed in a clinical or educational setting. You'll become a highly effective, culturally competent professional who exhibits case conceptualization skills grounded in theory and who uses purposeful, intentional intervention strategies. Real-world assignments and hands-on experience in the field help you put theory into practice and develop your skills.  

Facilities and Resources 

Rivier's Education Center is one of the finest facilities of its kind in northern New England. The Education Center houses the Cho Educational Resource Center, an extensive K-12 curriculum library. The ERC includes recently published textbooks, educational software, a parenting resource center, a children's literature collection, videos and more. The Education Center also includes counseling rooms with one-way observation windows.

Regina Library offers access to reference materials such as journals and online databases to support student research and learning outside the classroom. 

Partnerships and careers 

Rivier has partnerships with schools, social service agencies and counseling centers throughout the region, offering sites for internships and community service. You'll find our alumni working as school psychologists or counselors in public and private schools serving students in grades K-12. They are licensed mental health counselors in human service agencies and private practices.