History, Political Science & Criminal Justice

History, Political Science

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B.S. Criminal Justice  
B.A. Global Studies  
B.A. History  
B.A. Political Science  
B.S. Homeland and International Security  

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Rivier's programs in history, political science and criminal justice will help you develop a sense of historical perspective so you can appreciate your cultural heritage and understand contemporary world problems. You'll consider questions or war and peace and public morality. Rivier's programs offer both breadth and depth—you'll examine a wide range of topics in detail. The University's new global studies program is designed to prepare students to be effective global leaders. As the wide range of areas in which the United States is engaged economically, culturally, diplomatically, and militarily shows, the United States must prepare the next generation of national, regional, and local leaders with an understanding of global development and the United States' role in that development. Consistent with Rivier University's mission, the Global Studies program offers students a global perspective and opportunities.

In addition to the knowledge essential for your career, you'll develop other qualities employers find attractive. You'll build strong writing and research skills and learn to communicate effectively, think critically, make ethical decisions, and solve problems creatively.  

History, Political Science, & Criminal Justice department facilities and resources 

Our history and political science programs are flexible—take electives in literature, art, foreign languages, economics and other fields to tailor the program to your interests and career goals. Rivier's computer labs and electronic databases allow students to conduct the research crucial to their major.

Jobs and internships 

Hands-on experience is an important part of your education. Social studies education majors will spend 75 hours observing and assisting in classrooms prior to a semester-long student teaching experience; history and political science majors are encouraged to complete a special assignment or internship in their area of interest—work on a political campaign, conduct a research project or intern at a historical society or museum.

Students have had recent internships at the Office of the Mayor of Haverhill, Mass., and the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

Rivier history, political science, & criminal justice graduates have gone on to become paralegals, lawyers, state legislators, social studies teachers at high schools and middle schools, law librarians, and more.

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