Biology Programs

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B.S. Biology  

Concentrations in: 

  • Allied health
  • Environmental science
  • General biology

B.S. Biotechnology  New

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Whether you envision a career in environmental science, conducting research, teaching high school biology, or pursuing an advanced degree in a medical field, Rivier's biology program can help make that vision a reality. You'll develop strong research skills and gain hands-on experience conducting experiments. You'll learn to think critically, make ethical decisions and solve problems creatively.  

You'll begin by taking general biology courses and building a broad base of knowledge during the first two years. During your junior and senior years, you may choose a concentration. Faculty advisors will work with you to choose courses that align with your career goals. You will have the opportunity to design and conduct a research project in an area of interest. You'll write a research proposal in your junior year, then a faculty member will serve as a mentor during your senior year as you complete your research.

Follow the adventures of our Biology students who visited St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands over spring break to explore and discover the hidden mysteries of the coral reefs and mountain tops of the Caribbean. Check out the “Rivier University visits St. John USVI” blog! 

Biology department facilities and resources

Mendel Hall houses three multipurpose laboratories and the BAE Student Research Lab. You'll have access to extensive instrumentation for:

  • protein characterization
  • microbe identification
  • tissue culture
  • anaerobic growth
  • high speed centrifugation

  • a variety of electrophoretic separations
  • enzyme assay
  • electronic cell counting
  • genetic analysis

The University has electronic computer-integrated physiological monitoring equipment capable of measuring cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and neurological functions. Rivier also offers extensive video equipment, television microscopy, on-line literature review, and internet access and a state-of-the-art microbial identification system.

Jobs and internships

Rivier biology graduates have gone on to work in a variety of industries.You'll find them working in:

  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • research laboratories
  • microbiology labs regulating quality control in the brewing industry
  • graduate schools

Students have done internships with the Environmental Protection Agency, pharmaceutical labs, and more.

The Biology Club offers students an opportunity to pursue their interests in a different way, while getting involved in the community and developing leadership skills. Bio Club has organized an Earth Day 5K walk and road race for the last five years, with proceeds benefiting organizations committed to conservation and environmental education. The group has brought guest speakers to the College and organized field trips, including visits to the Museum of Science and New England Aquarium.

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