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Adele Susan Feeney     
Assistant Professor                  

M.S., Nursing, University of New Hampshire
B.S., Nursing, Texas Woman’s University
B.A., Psychology (child), McGill University         

Phone: (603) 897-8884; Email:


  • Family Health/Primary care Nursing
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Physical assessment
  • High Risk labor/ delivery/antenatal/postpartum/neonatal
  • Maternal-child health

Susan Feeney graduated from McGill University in Montreal Canada with a Bachelors Degree in Developmental Psychology. She soon realized that a career in Nursing was her future. Upon graduating from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 1983, she worked as a staff nurse on a Medical-Surgical floor in a large urban medical center in Houston Texas.  After a year in this position, she pursued her goal of specializing in Maternal Child Nursing by accepting a position on a Labor and Delivery Unit.  Upon relocating to New England, Ms. Feeney continued her work as a Labor and Delivery Nurse for many years in both tertiary and community facilities. In 1992, she accepted a position at Tufts New England Medical Center as the Unit Educator of their High Risk Intra-partum Unit. In 1998, she graduated from the University Of New Hampshire’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program with a Masters in Science in Nursing, and has been providing primary care to families ever since. Her desire and passion to teach Nurses led her to Rivier, where she has provided instruction for graduate Nursing students since 2004.  She is grateful for the opportunity to assist in the education and mentoring of Advance Practice Nurses and for the opportunity to contribute to the future of the profession she loves.

Academic Philosophy
“My philosophy reflects my belief that every learner is unique and multidimensional. Effective teaching requires that educators actively listen to their students, becoming aware of the experiences that shape and influence their lives. Approaching students from a holistic perspective permits understanding of individual and diverse learning styles. It also affords the educator the understanding of the individual’s goals and objectives for learning and ultimately aids the educator in assisting the student in obtaining those outcomes. I see my role as an educator, then, as helping students actualize their educational objectives by guiding them in their attainment of knowledge and skills.”

Recent Publications

  • Brunton, S., Carmichael, B., Colgan, R., Feeney, A. S., Fendrick, M., Quintiliani, R., Scott, G. (2004). Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis: A Primary Care Consensus Guideline. The American Journal of managed care, (Vol 10, NO. 10), pp689-696.

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Dr. Paula Williams
Dean of Nursing
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