Behavioral Science Lab

DIRECTOR: Dr. Jerome Rekart
LOCATION: Memorial Hall Room 301
PHONE: (603) 897-8688

Rivier's Behavioral Science Laboratory opened in the fall of 2007 to provide psychology students opportunities for hands-on research. The laboratory provides graduate students in the new B.A./M.S. program and advanced undergraduates with the space and instrumentation to design experiments, collect data and analyze and interpret results obtained from original research studies conducted under the mentorship of Rivier faculty.

Lab Resources: 

  • Five computer stations equipped with Empirisoft MediaLab and DirectRT software packages, which allow for millisecond precision in measuring cognition and perception from human subjects and with SPSS for data analysis
  • Space for psychology students to meet with faculty and each other to discuss their research and current findings in the field
  • Access to journals, information on conferences, calls for papers, and research and career opportunities.



Dr. Rekart's research currently focuses on various aspects of the emotional regulation of memory. In particular he is interested in how emotionally charged and emotionally neutral stimuli affect the binding of various details of a memory. 

If you are interested in participating in a research study, please contact Dr. Rekart at

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