Eng Comm Dept 

Rivier's day, evening, and graduate programs in English will prepare you for a career in many diverse areas. You'll have the knowledge and skills to succeed in publishing, public relations, broadcasting, journalism, education, business, and more. 

The undergraduate English program offers students the opportunity to study literature, creative writing, and English education in preparation for a career as a middle or high school English teacher.

The English program's offerings in literature and creative writing encourage students to discover the wonder of literature and increase their ability to read and write with understanding and depth.

Our master's degree programs  are distinctive for their breadth of course offerings and for the highly-qualified faculty who teach them. We offer a M.A.T. in English. Rivier's graduate programs provide the writing and critical thinking skills essential to a wide range of careers in education, marketing, law, business, and more. Faculty members serve as vital resources, guiding students as they explore personal and professional advancement opportunities made possible through the program.

Students who have earned master's degrees in English from Rivier have completed Ph.D.s or found careers in such fields as:

  • teaching at middle, secondary, college, and university levels
  • publishing and editing
  • journalism and freelance writing
  • script writing
  • public relations
  • media and information technologies

Rivier Advantages   

  • You will gain confidence and build skills through real-world assignments. English students have completed work for BAE Systems, the Lowell Sun, Nashua Telegraph, area theaters, the United Way, and other non-profit organizations.
  • Rivier offers a 20-station communications lab equipped with the most recent design and illustration software, allowing you to build a portfolio and gain solid experience creating brochures, advertisements, and flyers.
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