PEPP Core Beliefs

The Rivier University Professional Educator Preparation Program strives to uphold and instill the following core beliefs and commitments across all of its programs:

Inclusion and Cultural Competency  
Graduates of the PEPP are cognizant of students’ various learning profiles as influenced by culture and special needs and practice from a culturally competent perspective, demonstrating specific skills to effectively engage all learners.

Competence in Subject Areas
Graduates of the PEPP demonstrate competence in their discipline by developing a deep understanding of their subject matter and updating their knowledge and skills. Graduates understand how to teach their content, promote love of learning through their passionate engagement with the discipline, and develop disciplinary habits of mind and ways of thinking in their students.

Facilitating Active Learning
Graduates of the PEPP embrace the notion that students must be actively engaged in their own learning. Through their awareness of the diverse developmental and learning needs of students, graduates create a community of learners by developing effective strategies that guide and engage students. They develop appropriate curriculum, based on evidence-based practice.

Collaboration and Collegiality
Graduates of the PEPP communicate and interact with parents/guardians, families, school colleagues, and the community to support student learning and well-being.  They pursue professional development, network with peers, and contribute to the scholarly development of the field.  Graduates understand their responsibilities for the preparation of the next generation of educators, value the policies, practice, and culture of their workplace, and consistently practice with legal and ethical standards in mind.

Reflective Practice
Graduates of the PEPP recognize that professional knowledge and educational theory grow out of active reflection on practice. Through observations of their students’ performance, graduates continuously assess the effects of their decisions to ensure equity and growth among all students.

Active Agents of Social Change
Rivier University, in its tradition and heritage, is dedicated to the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching, placing special emphasis on the ideals of peace and social justice; indeed, graduates of the PEPP bring to the school environment not only a recognition of such social issues as poverty, inequality, and racism, but also actively seek to be agents of change, challenging the community to be more ethically aware of the plight of the poor and powerless.

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