School Partnerships

Activities in PDS Schools

Activities unique to PDS Schools include, but are not limited to

  • “rounds”- a medical model of professional development
  • Teachers and teacher candidates looking together at student work
  • Matching of teacher candidate and cooperating teacher for field experiences in methods courses experiences and in student teaching.
  • Teacher research projects

The Roles of Teachers in PDS Schools

Teachers in professional development schools are important models of professional learning involvement and leadership for students. They engage in a wide-range of professional activities. They:

  • Co-supervise student teachers and interns;
  • Participate as co-instructors or coaches in school-based course experiences;
  • Participate on curriculum teams in the arts, humanities, mathematics, physical and natural sciences, and social sciences with Rivier liberal arts and education faculty;
  • Share, reflect on and develop their teaching practice and understanding of student learning in teams---a practice called “rounds”;
  • Conduct research in their own classrooms, sometimes in collaboration with Rivier faculty;
  • Study and assess student work in teams (a process of “collaborative inquiry”);
  • Work on curriculum development projects or applied research programs;
  • Assess student teaching portfolios with education and liberal arts faculty.

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