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Rivier's biology and biotechnology programs prepare you to explore careers in some of the hottest and fastest developing fields in science, such as genetics, biomedical engineering, and research. You'll gain a strong foundation in scientific inquiry and critical thinking and develop the communications skills essential to success in the workplace. Students conduct sophisticated laboratory diagnostic procedures in courses such as microbiology and immunology, and test their knowledge and develop skills through real-world assignments.

The Biology Department prepares students for careers in research, graduate studies, medical school, and more. It focuses upon developing individuals capable of thinking, judging, and analyzing problems in a significantly rigorous way.

After exposure to basic concepts in biology and chemistry, students produce their own research proposal their junior year. During the final year they are encouraged to complete the project by doing the research. Past student research projects include:

  • studying ethanol production using different biofuel and inoculum sources
  • examining the synergistic microbial effects of natural essential oils on a variety of bacterial genera
  • evaluating the effects of green tea extract and other herbal remedies on the growth of a cancer cell line

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Rivier Advantages 

  • You'll use high-quality laboratory and field-study resources, including anaerobic growth chambers, protein analysis, and mammalian tissue culture equipment that enhance your labwork. You will also work with computer-assisted simulations, physiological monitoring, and microbial identification systems.
  • Your study and research are enhanced by extensive lab instrumentation for electrophoresis, high-speed centrifugation, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, and enzyme assay.
  • You will be asked to put your knowledge to work through special assignments and research projects. Our students have tested and cleaned up local ponds; evaluated the antimicrobial activity of homeopathic remedies; and conducted research in the biology of reproduction, cancer, ecology, and immunology.
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