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Ren Beaudoin grew up in Nashua, N.H. and attended Nashua Senior High School, where his love for the sciences began. Afterwards, Ren enrolled in the Biology Program at Rivier, where as an undergraduate student, he had the opportunity to conduct a research project studying the effects of bacteriophage on enteric bacteria for the use of cleaning contaminated waters.  In 2007, he received a bachelor’s degree in biology. He then worked in the environmental science field conducting field and laboratory analysis of asbestos, bacteria, and fungi, and taught continuing education courses for realtors and insurance agents on the dangers of fungi in indoor environments. He completed courses in asbestos fiber identification at the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, and is a certified spore analyst from the Pan American Aerobiology Certification Board. Ren earned a master’s degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University in 2011. As one of the Laboratory Coordinators /Instructors at Rivier, Ren teaches and mentors students in General Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Microbiology. He is also the advisor for the Rivier Gaming League.

Recent Publications
Beaudoin, R.N., DeCeasaro, D.R., Durkee, D.L., and Barbaro S.E. (2007). Isolation of a Bacteriophage From Sewage Sludge and Characterization of Its Bacterial Host Cell. Rivier College Online Academic Journal. Vol. 3, No.1.

Christina Proulx '11 was born and raised in Lowell, Mass. She attended Rivier initially as a criminal justice major, but switched to biology in 2007 where she found herself enthralled in all aspects of the biological sciences, particularly, microbiology. During her Undergraduate career, she conducted a research project involving antibiotic resistance in Enterococcal species endemic to freshwater ecosystems. With the aid of Dr. Susan Barbaro, she presented her research at the 2011 NEMPET Convention in Blue Mountain Lake, N.Y. Christina graduated from Rivier with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She is very enthusiastic about teaching labs and helping students have the same great experience she had at Rivier.


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