Research at Rivier University

Research Review Board (RRB)

The purpose and mandate of the Rivier Research Review Board is to ensure that research conducted under the auspices of the University meets ethical standards for research which are congruent with the Mission of the University, the principles set forth in the Belmont Report, and the federal requirements set forth in 45-CFR-46 (Code of Federal Regulations, 1983).

Any student, faculty or staff or outside investigator seeking on-campus study of Rivier University, who is planning to conduct research involving human subjects, must submit an Application for Research Review to the Rivier University Research Review Board. There are three types of Application to the RRB:

  • Exempt
  • Expedited
  • Full

A full description of the criteria for each of the aforementioned proposal types is listed on pp. 3-4 of the Rivier University Research Review Board policies and procedures manual, which may be downloaded here. To facilitate the application process, there is an online exempt submission system that will help researchers determine whether their proposal meets the criteria for "Exempt" status. In addition, researchers may now submit both Expedited and Full proposals online using the automated RRB committee review submission system.

The Rivier Research Review Board currently consists of the following members:

  • Dr. Robert Walrath, Designated Chair (Education)
  • Dr. Sally Booth (Psychology)
  • Dr. Angela Mousseau (Education)
  • Dr. Ivor Pattison (Nursing)
  • Dr. Benjamin Philip (Biology)

For any questions, please contact Dr. Walrath via email at or by phone at (603) 897-8589.