Academic Advising


Helping students chart their courses

Rivier's academic advisors help students plan their courses of study, assist students in evaluating core requirements, choose courses based on major programs of study, and assist with any scheduling or coursework issues that may arise.

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Office of Academic Advising - Kathy Morrissey, Administrative Assistant
Main Office number: (603) 897-8227
Office Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Assistant Director of Advising - Kelley Chalifoux
(603) 897-8289

Academic Advisor - Kerrie Dahl

(603) 897-8223 

Undergraduate Academic Advisors:

Kelley Chalifoux         (603) 897-8289

  • Biology and Biology Education
  • All Business majors
  • Criminal Justice
  • All Education majors, including Secondary Education
  • English and English Education
  • Global Studies
  • History and History Education
  • Homeland and International Securities
  • Human Development
  • Liberal Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Math and Math Education
  • Modern Language Education
  • Political Science
  • Undeclared -- Pre-Professional Healthcare (Last names beginning with A - M)

Kerrie Dahl          (603) 897-8223

  • Nursing and Public Health (Day Undergraduate programs only)
  • Public Health (Continuing Professional Studies Students)
  • Undeclared -- Pre-Professional Healthcare (Last names beginning with N - Z)

Please email

  • AS in Nursing
  • RN-BS (Continuing Professional Studies Students)
  • Undeclared (Professional Studies)

Where are the Academic Advisors located?

  • Kelley Chalifoux is located on the second floor of Adrienne Hall, Room 203.
  • Kerrie Dahl is located on the second floor of Adrienne Hall, Room 202.

Have a question? 

  • If you are unsure of who your/a student's advisor is, email and the appropriate adviser will respond to your inquiry.

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