Academic Advising


Helping students chart their courses
Rivier's academic advisors help students plan their courses of study, assist students in evaluating core requirements, choose courses based on major programs of study, and assist with any scheduling or coursework issues that may arise.

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Director of Academic Advising

Lisa Enright (advises RN-BS Nursing students)
Adrienne Hall, Second Floor
Phone: (603) 897-8230
Fax: (603) 897-8816

Undergraduate Day Academic Advising

Office of Academic Advising - Kathy Morrissey, Administrative Assistant
Main Office number: (603) 897-8227
Office Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. 

Undergraduate Day Advisors:

Kelley Lawson
(603) 897-8289
Seniors: A-F
Juniors: A-F
Sophomores: A-G
Freshmen: A-G 

Marie Cloutier
Assistant Director of Academic Advising
(603) 897-8225
Seniors: G-O
Juniors: G-O
Sophomores: H-O
Freshmen: H-O

Tracy Morgan
(603) 897-8223  
Seniors: P-Z
Juniors: P-Z
Sophomores: P-Z
Freshmen: P-Z
*All Spring 2013 and Fall 2012 Transfer Students

If you are not sure who your advisor is or where to refer a student, you can stop by our offices in Adrienne Hall, call the Main Office number or email   

Professional Studies

Academic Advisor (Advises all Evening Program students, except Nursing):
Claudia Zent
Madeleine Hall, Second Floor
Phone: (603) 897-8235
Fax: (603) 897-8816

Academic Advisor for Associate of Science Nursing Program
Maddi Lacey
Division of Nursing
Phone: (603) 897-8530

RN-BS Advisor
Lisa Enright
Phone: (603) 897-8230

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