Academic Advising



Advising Process 

Rivier day students (part-time and full-time) are assigned a faculty advisor in the department which the student is majoring in and an academic advisor, thus forming a dual advising system. The dual advising process provides Rivier undergraduate students with the greatest opportunity to individualize their academic study. Rivier academic and faculty advisors help students achieve their academic goals in a supportive and student-centered environment.

Faculty Advisors… 

  • Help students select courses in their major
  • Monitor the student’s progress within the major to ensure timely degree completion
  • Assist the student when planning internships or fulfilling senior-level major requirements needed for graduation
  • Mentor students regarding potential career and/or graduate study opportunities

Academic Advisors… 

  • Oversee the registration of undergraduate day students each semester for classes
  • Review each student’s progress by tracking semester progress, identifies and solves potential scheduling conflicts and creates individual education plans for every student
  • Provide referral and resource assistance
  • Monitor student academic performance by working with Student Life, faculty, and Academic Administration
  • Drop or add classes
  • Coordinate notification process for short or long term absence due to sudden illness and/or sickness
  • Manage change of major requests and procedure
  • Advise students regarding the published academic appeal process
  • Assist instructors and faculty regarding excessive absences and missing coursework

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