Department of Sociology

Meet Dr. Marjorie Marcoux Faiia

Professor of Sociology
Coordinator, Sociology Program

Ph.D., Northeastern University
M.S.W., Boston College
B.A., Northeastern University

Phone:  (603) 382-5154

Specialties/Research Interests
  • Deviant Behavior
  • Social Problems
  • Substance Use/Abuse
  • Women's Studies
  • Anthropology


Dr. Marcoux Faiia started her professional life as a psychiatric social worker. She worked at Boston State Hospital and also at Westboro State Hospital in Massachusetts before becoming an academic.

Her research has taken her to many points around the globe; she spent her first sabbatical year studying second daughters and modernization in Nepal. Research conducted during a second sabbatical resulted in the publication of the textbook Substance Use and Abuse: Exploring Alcohol and Drug Issues.

In addition to teaching sociology courses, Dr. Marcoux Faiia has served on several University committees including, but not limited to, the Rank and Tenure Committee, the Multicultural Office Advisory, and the Women's Studies Committee, which she directed for several years.

Dr. Marcoux Faiia has presented her research and papers at numerous national and international conferences in Nepal, Spain, Ireland, England, Belgium, France, Slovenia and Sweden.

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