Department of Arts

Meet Sr. Theresa Couture

Professor of Art
Director, The Art Gallery at Rivier University
Artist in Residence

D.Min., Graduate Theological Foundation
M.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design
M.A., Rivier College
B.A., Rivier College

Phone:  (603) 897-8275

  • digital fine art and mixed media: studio artist
  • theology and the arts: research and writing
  • interdisciplinary studies: art, music, literature, religious studies
  • visual communication design: theory, research, and studio practice
  • letterform studies/typography: research and studio practice

Sr. Theresa is both an exhibiting artist and a practicing designer. Her work is in private, university, and museum collections. She participates in professional organizations, including the AIGA, the Professional Organization for Design, and Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA). A member of Kappa Gamma Pi, a Catholic academic honor society, she has been the recipient of grants for visual projects, research, writing, and lectures, including an artist residency at the Kodak Corporation’s Center for Creative Imaging and an artist fellowship for participation in the Coolidge Colloquium sponsored by the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life, publishers of CrossCurrents magazine. Sr. Theresa has been co-chair of the Department of Art and Music at Rivier and Director of its Design Programs. She is currently Artist in Residence and Director of The Art Gallery.

Academic Philosophy
"Practically speaking, my teaching is rooted in the belief that today's students in the arts will succeed to the extent that they can be proactive practitioners, that is, creative and critical thinkers who research and reflect, using hand and brain in tandem. They will have to be skilled in communicating with words, forms, textures, patterns--with meaning-- in making things happen, taking initiatives, creating visions and putting them into practice. Driven by personal enquiry and direction, their labors will also have to be directed toward the deeper needs of their communities and their environments. A sustainable future will demand of them a heightened awareness and understanding of materials, processes and interaction with them. That future will also require that they infuse beauty, harmony, and meaning into everyday life, something entirely different from settling for the beautification of commodities. As proactive practitioners they, above all else, will have to commit themselves to being active and responsible citizens, empowered through their education to act on an in-depth understanding of human dignity, rights, and responsibilities. They will also have to be global in their views, understanding that cultural diversity and acceptance beyond mere tolerance will be essential. To these ends, I challenge students to engage in intelligent artistic activity which recognizes that true literacy involves an integration of looking and seeing with reading, writing, computing, hearing, listening, and moving."

Selected Publications and Exhibitions
  • Included in Patricia C. Pongracz and Wayne Roosa. The Next Generation: Contemporary Expressions of Faith. Grand Rapids, Michigan/Cambridge, UK:
  • Work on exhibition at The Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA), Broadway, New York, NY, August 20 through November 13, 2005.
  • Work included in Let This Mind Be In You, a limited edition visual arts Codex curated, exhibited, and distributed by CIVA.

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