Landry Early Childhood Center

Kindergarten Skill Sets Development

The LECC curriculum promotes growth in all areas of development: cognitive, emotional, language, physical, and social. Curricular activities enable children to develop strong foundational skills in preparation for elementary school. Skills development includes: 

English Language Arts   Listen thoughtfully and respectfully •Follow oral directions • Ask relevant questions • Recognize and name all uppercase and lowercase letters and their sounds • Blend sounds to read simple words • Begin to develop strategies for reading simple text using phonics, picture and context clues • Retell familiar stories • Sort words into categories • Draw pictures to illustrate words, stories and ideas • Print uppercase and lowercase letters • Write words using developmental spelling • Use spaces between words and basic punctuation in writing 

Mathematics   Identify and write numerals 0-20 • Name a quantity without counting (0-10) • Count groups of objects (0-50) • Explore place value and ordinal numbers • Count to 100 by ones and tens • Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction • Recognize and identify two- and three-dimensional shapes • Explore greater than, less than, and equal to • Identify, create and extend a pattern • Develop a sense of time • Demonstrate awareness of size and units of measure • Explore basic coins and bills 

Science   Use senses to make observations • Use scientific tools appropriately • Make predictions based on data • Form explanations based on observations • Explore cause and effect • Pursue open-ended problem solving • Express wonder at the natural world • Use technical tools 

Social Studies   Understand the wants, needs, and feelings of self and others • Develop multicultural awareness • Explore uniqueness of family units • Appreciate rules • Appreciate the role of community leaders • Have knowledge of and respect for the flag • Develop and understand rights and responsibilities • Contribute to the classroom community • Participate in community service • Explore the lives of influential people in history 

The Arts & Creativity   Explore a variety of art mediums • Identify color, shape, size and design • Participate in socio-dramatic play, puppetry and group music experiences • Respond to music with movement • Follow rhythmic patterns • Recognize various musical instruments • Recognize music and dances from different cultures