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Math Teachers
ThinkForFun, Nashua, NH

Posted:  Updated Regularly
Deadline:  Ongoing

ThinkForFun is looking for talented college students to teach mathematics to K – 8 graders. The candidate will be an outgoing person who enjoys math and teaching. The ideal candidate should have a strong report card. The hours of employment can be as little as 4 hours a week to up to 20 hours a week based on the applicant’s availability (evenings / weekends). The hired candidate will coach the kids through pre-designed lessons. As part of the application and interview process, candidates will need to provide their official transcripts. Competitive pay rate based on candidate’s qualifications. Performance based bonuses will be given every 3 months. Interested candidates can email their information to

ThinkForFun is a one stop solution to develop analytical problem solving skills while mastering accuracy and speed. We believe in making learning enjoyable by grouping students with similar capabilities together and having them explore and solve problems presented to them with proper guidance. The goal is to make them understand the applications of mathematical operations. Interactive and peer learning is the key for students to enjoy learning.