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Hobblebush Books, Brookline, NH

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Deadline:  Ongoing

Company Description
Hobblebush Books is an independent press dedicated to publishing books that feature a unique voice and make a difference. We publish both literary and non-literary titles. Although we publish a few e-books, we are dedicated to the book as a beautiful physical object, something to hold in your hands, admire and smell the ink while you read.
In addition, we specialize in making books for other publishers and organizations. (These books are not under the Hobblebush imprint.) We have over 30 years of experience in expert editing, typesetting, book design, and book production.

Internship Description
An internship at Hobblebush Books is a great way to learn about the publishing world, hone your skills, or decide which aspect of publishing you would like to pursue as a career. Our unpaid internships last for several months or longer and can be used for college credit where applicable.  Hobblebush is committed to extensive training of interns and giving interns a taste of everything that happens in the book publishing world. We promise you we will not put you in a cubicle and give you one task. Hobblebush provides an exciting opportunity to do hands-on learning in the area of your primary interest while getting an overview of every aspect of book publishing.

As an intern, you will learn about:
•    Copy editing and proofreading
•    Typesetting and typography
•    The fine art and the history of book design
•    The prepress and printing production process
•    Book marketing
...and much more. You will also meet a variety of authors, as well as illustrators and others involved in book publishing, and have opportunities to attend special events.

Applicants should have very strong English skills or strong graphic design skills or a combination of both, or be interested in communications and marketing. Experience with Mac computers is preferable. Typical internships are ten to fifteen hours per week.

Applicants should include a resume, writing sample, and statement of goals. We will schedule an interview after reviewing this material.

For more information about Hobblebush Books, please visit our website:
To apply, please contact Sid Hall at