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The mission of the Volunteer Resources Department is to assist the paid DRC staff by providing a supplemental work force capable of accomplishing daily tasks, as well as special projects. This enables the paid staff resources to concentrate on those areas where their knowledge and expertise can be put to the most efficient and effective use.

The responsibilities handled by our volunteers represent vital aspects of our operations. Volunteers may find themselves working in our fish house where our dolphins' meals are prepared, or caring for our family of exotic birds. Volunteers assist visitors by answering questions and monitoring interactive programs and tours. Volunteers are involved with facility maintenance such as trash collection, recycling, seaweed removal and fence cleaning, painting and landscaping. They also help with administrative projects such as computer data entry and preparation of bulk mailings.

Within our Volunteer Resources Department, we offer an Intern Program. Internships involve concentration in specific departments, normally last 12 to 18 weeks, and are held throughout the year. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in college to be considered for an internship. We currently offer internships in the following areas: Animal Care and Training, Special Needs, Education, Research, and Visual Communications. For additional information on the Intern program and Intern position descriptions, click here.

Our Volunteer Resources Department is staffed throughout the year. While we do offer flexibility, most of our non-local volunteers work 40 hours per week, and a minimum commitment of four weeks is required for new volunteers. We ask our local volunteers to contribute at least two days per month. Although they do not receive wages, we do expect all volunteers to regard their work with us with the same dedication that they would extend to a paying job. DRC does not provide housing or transportation for volunteers and interns, but we will provide a list of local housing and transportation providers so that individuals can make arrangements that suit their needs. Certain tasks can be physically strenuous or even mundane, but the satisfaction that comes from sharing in the care of our dolphins can offer rewards beyond measure. Besides the great location on the Gulf of Mexico, DRC offers a casual work atmosphere with a friendly and appreciative staff. Volunteers also have the opportunity to make many new friends from around the world that share their interest in marine mammals and the environment.

HOW TO APPLY: To apply for an internship position, complete and send us the Volunteer Application including Section B and all other supporting information described in the intern application section.  You may download an application from our website at and click on the Volunteer/Intern Info link on the left side.  You may answer the four questions in Section C on a separate piece of paper and submit it with your application.

Application Deadlines: October 1 for the Winter Term (January through April) February 1 for the Summer Term: (May through August) June 1 for the Fall Term (September through December)

If you have additional questions regarding internship opportunities with DRC, please send us an e-mail at or telephone 305/289-1121 x 230 Monday – Friday 9AM to 5 PM (Eastern Time).