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Jesuit Volunteers are a group of excited, passionate women and men who have a commitment to social justice. This year's 340 JVs come from 26 states and the District of Columbia and represent 109 alma maters from across the U.S. They come with a diversity of educational and professional experiences, each bringing a unique background and perspective to their positions.

JVs are working for justice in 36 U.S. cities and 6 countries abroad with and for people who are disenfranchised, marginalized, or vulnerable, such as children with limited educational opportunities, people who are homeless, patients diagnosed with AIDS, survivors of domestic abuse, low-wage earners, former gang members, refugees, or the elderly.

Almost 300 schools, nonprofit agencies, and grassroots organizations across the world count on JVs to provide essential services.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps welcomes women and men regardless of age, culture, economic status, ethnic origin, gender, physical challenge, or sexual orientation.

Applicants should be:
•  Age 21 or older
•  In possession of a college degree or applicable work experience
•  A United States citizen or permanent resident
•  Willing to commit to one to two years of service (International JVs commit to living overseas for the both years of their commitments)

JVs also have:
•  A commitment to community, social justice, simple living, and Christian spirituality.
•  A sense of humor. A JVC year is a bounty of new experiences, so faith and flexibility are essential.

There are some positions that may require extra credentials such as:
•  Spanish-language competency
•  Teaching certification
•  Law degree
•  Registered nurse credentials

Agencies in JVC need you and all of your gifts and talents. Many positions allow you room to grow. You can bring your skills for technology, art education, dance, theater, or music, or your gift to write poetry, research, or organize. Every special talent is welcomed.

Visit our website to learn more, or to apply.